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Monday, March 29, 2010

Vice Principals are needed in Salmiya

Job Title: Vice Principal + Classroom Teachers
Expertise: Vice Principal + Classroom Teachers
Located at: Salmiya (Kuwait)->map
Vacancy: 2
Salary: $Negotiable USD
Requisites: Administration/Principal cert. + Spec.Needs cert.

Required fields of expertise: , Principal / Classroom Teachers
We are the premier special needs school in Kuwait for 250 LD, ADD, ADHD, and Slow Learners in early childhood through high school. Beautiful new building, American curriculum and administration, fully furnished housing (with no roommates) for overseas teachers with free transportation to and from school. We also provide accredited professional development, tax-free income, major and minor medical insurance which includes dental. Teaching experience is required for all positions offered. Salary is competitive, negotiable, and based on education and experience.
Special needs certification required for teachers. Administrative degree and experience required for principal. Must be a team player with USA education preferable. We are looking for educators who can make a long-term commitment to our school and its students because consistency is necessary for progress.
Principal will serve as assistant principal for at least one year before taking over the school when the current principal retires. Teachers will lead self-contained classrooms of 6-9 students with one or two assistants, who are also certified teachers. Students are grouped by age but not separated as to disability. Performance levels differ among students but not too widely.
Kuwait is an extremely safe, modern city-state located in the desert but situated along the beautiful shores of the Arabian Gulf. Walks, runs, picnics, and biking along the beach are commonplace. Boating, fishing, and water sports are, too. The sandy beach is just two blocks from the school and four blocks from teacher housing.
Modest dress is culturally desired. Women do NOT need to cover clothing, hair, or face. Long shorts are worn by men, but not appreciated on women. On days off, casual wear for women can include capri-length pants, however, sleeveless shirts and shorts are frowned upon. There is a reasonable dress code in place for staff during work hours and students wear uniforms.
More information is available to interested and qualified applicants. Please be prepared to submit CV/Resume, pictures of diplomas and certificates held, transcripts for applicable degrees, criminal background check, letters of reference from most current employment, and passport.
Decisions regarding employment will be made the end of March, 2010, however receipt of documents will be confirmed prior to that time and questions answered. Please do not apply or inquire about the posted positions unless you meet the qualifications outlined above. No one without special education certification or special needs diploma will be considered. No one with alternative certification will be considered. Only persons with at least a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences in EDUCATION can be hired as per Ministry of Education rules for special needs schools in Kuwait. TOEFL and TESOL are not required and cannot replace the Special Education certification requirements.
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