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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Islamic School of The Future

"Shafiyyatul Amaliyyah" literally means pure deed. The school was founded on the basis of pure intention for the sake of Muslim Youth intellectual progress laid by Drs. H. Sofyan Raz who, saw that there's no other way to develop and prepare the human resource of the Indonesian Muslim to be able to face the global competition except to train and educate them with excellent modern method.

The educational institution laid by him was started from the level of playgroup and Nursery level a few years ago and now the school has developed into five units. Beside the two former units there are SD (primary school), SMP (Junior High School) and SMA (Senior High School).

Instead of building a traditional school, the founder believes that modern education is the need of muslim childrens and youth of today. Therefore, Shafiyyatul Amaliyyah has been equipped with modern facilities and has built relationship with other eminent educational institution in Indonesia as well as overseas.

In order to fulfil the thirst of information technology, Shafiyyatul Amaliyyah has built partnership with 'R-Four IT Center' which is located in the campus area. Having been the first cyber school in Medan, Shafiyyatul Amaliyyah has been a frontier in the development of education in the cyber world. The school has launched the system of SMS gateway wherein, the parents can get the information of their childrens including the marks obtained by their beloved sons/daughters, their percentage of attendance ect.

"I am proud of this school which has provided us qualified and internationally standardized education ", said Abdillah, the Mayor of Medan city, at the inauguration of International Class Building. The program of International Class is launched in the current academic year which consisted of Ordinary level and Advance level.