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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Teachers needed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Job Title: Teacher
Located at: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, RAK, Fujairah (United Arab Emirates)
Vacancy: 5 or more
Salary: $21000 AED
Details as follows:

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Plans and Coordinates
Teachers are responsible for planning, managing and improving the learning of their own students, working with other team members and the relevant Academic Coordinator to implement and continually improve curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment strategies in line with the policies and procedures.
• Develops
Teachers facilitate the implementation of IAT’s curriculum and project planning with their teaching teams. Every team member is encouraged to provide ideas and suggestions leading to continuous improvement of local teaching and learning practices. Teachers must align their daily practices with IAT Teaching, Learning and Assessment practices with instructional and delivery methods, in line with related performance improvement standards. In so doing, individual teachers are responsible for planning and participating in professional development to further their own knowledge, skills and abilities.
• Liaises
Teachers liaise with their teaching team members, their Academic Coordinator and other teachers, ensuring information exchange, coordination of efforts and specific support for learning initiatives within their individual schools and across the IAT network. Teachers liaise with Student Counselors, as required.
• Manages
Teachers work within their teams to manage the learning of their own students, maintain records, and collaborate with other IAT teachers in a pro-active manner.
• Monitors and Reports
Teachers work within their school-based teaching teams to implement IAT’s quality assurance and performance standards through the use of appropriate learning projects, instructional activities and assessment schedules (in line with agreed quality guidelines). Incumbents assess student performance (in a timely and supportive manner) frequently and objectively, regularly updating the necessary systems and support units.
Minimum Job Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s preferred.
• Minimum of 2 years of successful teaching experience.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required:
• Passionate about innovation in Teaching and Learning initiatives, with a positive (can do) attitude and willingness to promote life-long learning across Institute of Applied Technology.
• Commitment to student-centered learning, the learning paradigm and project based learning.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills and an ability to work with diverse groups of people.
• Sound understanding of technologies that support educational development and current with technology developments.
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