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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TEFL Online Courses

Serious TEFL Online Course is the most recognized Online Certificate & Diploma industry which was accepted by over 5,000 institutions worldwide and members of
International Alliance of Teachers & Employers. SeriousTEFL courses are technologically advanced online courses designed and implemented by the International Alliance of Teachers & Employers. Its 100% practical applications aims directly at the core of what is needed for you to become an ESL teacher by offering the initial know-how and confidence that is imperative to teaching your very first class and hence building from there.

SeriousTEFL Online Study Modules & Exams are as follows:

Certificate Course
1) Teaching Grammar
2) Techniques for Teaching Comprehension
3) Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation & Vocabulary
4) Midterm Exam
5) Techniques for Expressing Ideas to English from any language
6) Techniques for Teaching Idioms
7) Teaching Techniques for Writing
8) How to find & teach your own students(private accounts)
9) Classroom Preparation & Teaching Tips
10) Certificate Final Exam
Diploma Course (continues...)
11) Teaching Business English
12) Teaching Children
13) Phonetics
14) Curriculum Development
15) Student Assessment
16) Teaching Abroad
17) Diploma Final Exam

The followings are the process of registration.
1) SeriousTEFL initial registration with Submission of your profile/resume (optional) on SeriousTeachers
2) Making a payment for your course fee:
3) Course activation (within 1 to 8 hours)
4) Login to your course
5) You have one month to complete the Certificate course and two months for the Diploma course.(Extentions can be granted upon request)

Upon the complition of your course your SeriousTEFL certificate or diploma will be sent out to your address as provided via a priority postal service. It takes between 4 to 20 business days to arrive depending on your country of residence.

60-hours Certificate Course will cost you 140 EURO or equal to $185 USD while 120-hours Diploma Course will cost 180 EURO or equal to $245 USD.
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