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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Female instructors are needed in Riyadh

Job Title: Females Instructors (Saudi Arabia)
Located at: Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Vacancy: 5 or more
Salary: $35000 USD
Requisites: TEFL TESOL
ESL Instructor
Saudi Arabia in a pre-designated location, managed, owned or leased by Arabian Education and Training Group or any of its subsidiaries.
- To teach Arabian Group Prescribed ESL Curriculum to adults and in specific situations to young adult learners.
- To assist in collecting, collating and evaluating ESL delivery information and student data.
- To assist in providing periodic assessment, skill acquisition evaluation examinations, and preparation of test result reports for their assigned classes.
- To assist in developing new or custom specific needs programs.
- To assist and manage, where asked, with social activities for students and extracurricular assignments.
- To maintain and uphold the ethical and professional standards and guidelines established in the academic policies of the institution.

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